Salesforce forms made easy with our form builder

A robust salesforce form builder packed with a seamless salesforce integration

Professional Form Builder with salesforce integration

An Easy to use salesforce form builder

Capable of integrating all online forms with your Salesforce objects

Salesforce SSO, Seamless connectivity, No code required

Reading data from Salesforce and populating it in your form

Saving (update,create) data in salesforce objects and fields.

Reading from a few Salesforce objects at a time

Creating queries on Salesforce objects based on form values

Completely supports uploading files to Salesforce

Integrations with +700 3rd party platforms

Payment integrations with paypal / Credit Cards

Online Forms Management System

Data display, edit, filter, export and integrate with 3rd party applications

Creating reports and charts

Managing account settings

Adding and Managing users

Creating mailing lists and sending targeted emails

Use of API

System capabilities

Online forms – Digital forms management system

Secured forms

The system provides security measures against SPAM, using robots and Spammed forms. All forms are encrypted  SSL 256 bit with a secured seal of Comodo.

Create professional forms quickly and easily

Use our ready-made form templates or create your own. The salesforce form builder offers unmatched flexibility for creating stunning forms. Drag & Drop from a large selection of fields, add your logo, background and styles without a single line of code.

Using your business data to the full

Create a direct integration with a large selection of services (like Google docs, Zapier, Salesforce etc) or use our simple API to connect your forms with 3rd party applications. Use advanced features like digital Enter your signature or calculated field to make the most out of working online.

Advanced and unique optimization engine

The form builder possesses a built-in CRO engine that enables the creation of optimized forms. It tracks your moves and offers tips for increasing your form’s efficiency and getting the best results.

Dashboards and reports

Use our dashboards to view business data related to your form usage. Create and share customized reports based on your forms. Enjoy our integration with Google analytics to better understand your users: where they come from, the time they spent on your form, their geographic location etc.

Create smart forms

Use logic and conditioning to create smarter forms. Show or hide fields and even skip entire sections in the form based on the user’s input. Send different email messages according to the data entered in the form.

Payment wizard

FormTitan enables you to collect payment through your forms using an easy to use wizard.

Built in Chat system

Our salesforce form builder supplies an interface for interacting with potential users, while they are in your form. By using this chat you can communicate and assist your users in real time.

What forms can you create with FormTitan?

An endless array of online forms

contact form

Invitation forms


Questionnaires and Polls

Human Resources

Office forms

Registration forms

Questionnaires and Polls


Invitation forms

contact form

Registration forms

Office forms

Human Resources

The advantages of our online form builder

Can’t get better than this!

Creating an online form based on a paper form. Supporting many formats (PDF or any other scanned form)

Responsive design to suit the device you are using (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Flexible design without compromise

CRO engine to improve the form's Conversion rate

Emails sent upon form submission to form owner and form filler

Full customization

Simple API

Fields validation

Integrations - connecting to +700 other systems

Digital signature

Dual integration with Salesforce (read & write)

accessible forms

ממשק פשוט ויעיל עבור לקוחות/עובדי החברה

Users management

Simply and efficient interface

How does it work?

Use our Paper Mapping feature


Submit the form and the data will be sent to the cloud instantly


Enter your Signature digitally

Fill in the form

User friendly, Enables file attachment


Get the form in your device without any installations or downloads. Form will be responsive to suit each device.

Want to build an online form? No problem – It’s easy

Sign up for free without leaving your credit card details: Not satisfied? Don’t pay.
No obligations, Exit at any point in time.

As part of our service, we offer you to send us your scanned form and let us set it up for you.
Service and price are our strong points.

Once we have your paper form, an online version will be created and mapped to the paper scan.
The form filler will enter the digital form and receive a copy of the paper form with the data planted in it.
The form owner will be alerted once new data is submitted and he will be able to manage the data.

About us

a few words about FormTitan

FormTitan is the brain child of FormLogic LTD., a company with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of online forms.
Its products serve hundreds of thousands of users all around the world, and it has been providing a stable forms service since 2005.
We provide form services to a large number of companies, organizations and online businesses.

Building a new digital world

Building forms

Quickly and Simply


Monitoring and process indications


Understanding the process automation


Connecting to external systems

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