What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a web based software and cloud computing company providing customer relationship management services. Salesforce provides resources to
handle customer relationships and helps in managing marketing campaigns, analyzing performance and tracking expense and sales.

Salesforce management systems are used to automate functions regarding managing customer relationships. With salesforce, companies can target their ideal audience, capture leads and use their marketing tactics to get connected with the captured leads.

To get benefit from the salesforce customer relationship management system, companies need to integrate the salesforce system in a way helpful for capturing leads. The leads are captured with the help of online forms, connected to salesforce and used to collect the customer data. The captured data is stored in the database and used for variety of tasks like marketing campaigns, sending in the email offers, surveys and getting connected for business relationship purposes.

At the end, we will also review the best option to go with creating your online forms. You will be able to decide on a form builder like FormTitan, used to create and optimize customized online forms and landing pages with professional tools and options. This form builder, as you will see later on, is a really great Salesforce form builder .

Why do you need form builders to create online forms with salesforce?

To use the features of Salesforce, you need to capture your customer leads with online forms. The forms are created with online form builders and connected to Salesforce, to automate the tasks like managing the leads, contacts and assessing the marketing campaign performance.

The following facts define the need of using form builders with Salesforce. The facts listed also define that why do people need form builders to work with Salesforce.

 The form builders are used to attract and capture high-quality leads. The leads are stored in the database through Salesforce integration and used to manage marketing campaigns later on. This way, you can pass new lead information to carry out lead management with Salesforce features.

 With form builders integrated with Salesforce, the customer leads are captured and synchronized in real time.

 The form builders are used to create and manage the existing records with Salesforce integration. The forms are equipped with features like updating the existing records, attaching file uploads or routing the leads.

 The form builders are used to create online and responsive forms, enabling users to capture leads for Salesforce campaigns. The forms are created with Salesforce integration, to carry out certain automated tasks upon submission.

 The form builders are equipped with options to create forms, able to accept file uploads.

 By using a form builder, you can map and convert your paper forms to online and responsive forms. The converted forms are contained the actual fields as the paper form, auto-filled with pre-defined values and logical operations.

 With using form builders features, you can create multiple instances of a single Salesforce object like creating multiple records of a single lead, contact or file attachment.

 The form builders are used to create online forms to convert your form submissions into leads directly.

 By using the logical conditions features of form builders, you can capture leads based on specific criteria related to region, age, and profession.

 The form builders help in creating attractive user signup forms. The signup forms are used to make people join your Salesforce lead database.

To understand the importance of form builders in a broad sense, let’s describe some samples of scenarios requiring the use of form builders.

 You want to convert your office paper forms to online and responsive forms. You will need a form builder with providing feature known as Paper Form Mapping.

 You can accept the various payment modes by using payment integration features in online form builders. With that integrated, you can create a form able to accept payments and collect necessary data as well.

 You can create your form with more complex algorithms. You can take advantage of highly customizable features built in form builders and optimize your forms according to taste best suited for collecting your corporate data.

 The form builder systems help in assessing your form performance. With premium features provided in the form builders, you can see and manage the way your forms are performing, by measuring the insights data
regarding your forms usage.

 The form builders are used to embed chat support into your forms. You can attend your customers while filling your online form, help them in the process and get them join your newsletter as well.

 Your forms do need to protect your company privacy. The form builders are used to create and protect your online forms, by using CAPTCHA and Encryption features implemented properly.

 You can send emails to different people depending on what they fill into form. This feature is known as Smart Routing and is used to target people having different interests regarding your product or service.

 In order to handle spam, you need to use the form builders instead of mentioning your email on the web. You can create form with rich features, and get timely notifications on people attending your online forms.

 One of the most important reasons of using an online form builder is to create and integrate your forms into your website. The form builders are used to create forms and provide code to integrate your forms into your website.

 You can send out custom confirmation emails upon filling your online forms. This is helpful in targeting the user’s interests and keep them informed of your future products and services.

The options you have to create an integrated online form with Salesforce

A prominent form builder helps in creating and integrating forms with salesforce. We are going to list the options you have to create an integrated online form with salesforce.

 Salesforce Account Object provides salesforce connector to read and write with your salesforce account. You can write and read the data simultaneously, to populate your form field instantly.

 Salesforce Lead Object is used to easily integrate with salesforce lead object, proving the ability to read and write to salesforce lead object or read from multiple objects at a time.

 With Salesforce Apex Email Notification Object, you can read, write or populate your form fields easily.

 Salesforce Attachment Object is used to attach files to a parent object, helpful for accepting file uploads on your online form.

 With Salesforce Call Center Object, you can create a call center or query an existing call center, providing a logical representation of single computer telephony integration.

 The Salesforce Order Object represents an order associated with a contract or an account, enabling you to perform better order management.

 With Salesforce Contact Object, you can represent an individual associated with an account, as a contact.

 With salesforce connector, you can represent a user uploaded file with Salesforce Document Object.

 The Salesforce User Object is used to manage users in your organization. You can retrieve any user’s record from query the user database.

 The Salesforce Task Object provides options to manage your business tasks like making a phone call, getting user information from the database or checking the uploaded files.

About Form Assembly, The form builder solution for Salesforce

The Form Assembly is a web based application used to help individuals and companies build, design and manage web forms and surveys.
Form Assembly provides the features including email notifications, auto responders, file attachment, spam protection, payment modes integration, and salesforce integration and user management.
The Form Assembly price structure starts from $89 for a month. They have several packages varying in price and service features being provided.


The FormTitan is a free web based form builder application used to create, optimize and convert landing pages and online forms.
The FormTitan is equipped with a high number of tools and features available for use. Formtitan offers their services on a price relatively lower than others. The price is much better than competitors of the same services. It is a great form Assembly alternative.

Consumer Based Thoughts

The Form Assembly offers a 15 days trial account, where the FormTitan offers a free month package on the go.
It has been reported that Form Assembly doesn’t provide A/B Testing in their feature list. The price structure is also higher than the parallel form builder services.
There have been reviews regarding the form assembly form options, like additional lines are not easily connectable to salesforce, letting users get creative to handle the issue themselves. The consumer reviews also expose the delayed response to customer queries.

Moreover, the consumers are desired to have improvement in the form assembly formula connectors. The form assembly salesforce integration is also reported with creating multiple records sometimes. There is no way to search or sort data in the responses tab. The customers have also reported that salesforce integration is quite confusing while linking a form to your salesforce instance.

Form Assembly provides a difficult interface, reported by users having hard time navigating different sections like build, configure and view.
Form Assembly offers connecting to PayPal, but is lacking automatic processing of forms fields, causing the manual dealing of the forms to update the salesforce with new records.
The users have also reported finding duplicates regarding salesforce integration feature. Many told having bad luck with salesforce synchronization feature.

The form assembly mobile user interface is not very good and harder to setup. Configuration capabilities are reported with difficult options and harder to use. There are also some users reporting about the formatting options like changing fonts.

The technical team of form assembly is reported with taking more than usual time to fix minor issues.
The formatting issues continue, as you cannot add a box within paragraphs.
Additionally, users have experienced and reported hard time with switching the form options.

Why FormTitan is better?

The FormTitan is a web based free application to create, design and optimize landing pages and online forms. It provides an extensive features list, covering the needs of corporate form handling including drag and drop interface, responsive creation, form wizard, form limits, save and resume, social auto fill, form security, integrations (it’s a salesforce form builder) paper form mapping, image masking and form optimization.

To understand the features of Formtitan, we are going to describe each with a short description.

 Themes and Templates
The Formtitan is equipped with form themes and templates, a large collection of field types, customization options and drag and drop form builder interface.

 Build and Test your Forms
You can build and test your forms with new pro-tips. To maintain a high conversion rate, you can optimize the forms by A/B testing.

 Manage your data correctly
Manage your data with more robust options. You can export your form data to Google Docs, Sheets and Salesforce. You can also connect your forms by using the Formtitan API for 3rd party applications.

 Advanced Conditional Logics
You can create forms with special conditions set for field types, including characters based conditions, mathematical and logical conditions.

 Gain Insights Data
The Formtitan presents insight reports regarding its forms performance. This helps in managing the forms with ease and provides the concluded records to boost your form management.

 Chat Support
The Formtitan provides chat support while users are filling their forms. Live chat support reduces form errors and costs less time to fill the forms properly.

 Form Security
You can protect your forms from automated bots and scripts. The forms are protected with Captcha security, along with SSL encryption and Comodo Secured Seal on your forms.

 Monetize your Forms
The Formtitan forms are integrated with different payment options. You can set currency, values for fields and pricing parameters to create monetized forms for your corporate purposes.

 Online Form Mapping and Responsive Forms
You can map your paper forms online with Formtitan. The feature is known as Paper Form Mapping, proving the ability to convert your paper forms to online responsive forms. The paper forms are turned to online and
responsive forms along with all the attributes of paper forms; including design, data and digital signatures as present in the original paper forms.

 Target your Audience
You can reach out to people not filing the forms you sent to them. You can track your forms filling and send attractive emails for improved efficiency.

Final Thoughts

To choose the best form builder and salesforce connector, you need to get around for features, reviews and pricing structure. Make sure to choose the service which provides a robust feature list in a normal price range. Choose the best Salesforce form builder.
Also make sure to confirm the advanced features like salesforce integration, social auto fill, targeting users and extended administrative options.
At the end you start using a service, you should be able to create, design and optimize your online forms, along with insights data about how your forms are performing in the cloud.