Digital Signature

Many businesses have to use signatures as part of their business processes: to get a customer’s consent, a manager’s approval, or a sign of obligation. The signature can be used in many different purposes.
Since many businesses still use paper forms, getting them signed means that you need to print them out, sign them by hand and fax them back.
But what happens when forms are online? In businesses that do use online forms instead of hard copy ones the electronic chain is often broken in order to add a signature to the digital form and this is surprising.
This is why the digital signature is a good solution – it keeps the process online, streaming, fast and effective.

Digital signatures in online forms

And what if you want to collect more than just signatures? What if you need to use an online form and you want to have it signed? can you incorporate a digital signature in it?
The answer is “Yes” – this can easily be achieved with an online form builder, which offers Standard elements like textboxes, radio buttons or checkboxes. These are easily found in all form builders, but special elements like signatures are not always available, so you should check which form builder possesses the special elements you need.

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