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Forms for Companies & Firms

Online forms for any type of company, firm or organization.
Web accessible and compatible with mobile devices

Forms for Companies & Firms

A wide variety of online  forms for any type of company, firm or organization.
All forms are web accessible and compatible with mobile devices

Form Builder capabilities

Packed with online form features

Company Forms Integrations

Most companies and organizations need to integrate their data with other systems. This can easily be achieved with FormTitan

Logic In Company Forms

Make the forms you send your clients smarter by applying logics on fields and values.

Mapping Company Paper Forms

Creating a digital version of a scanned formand connecting them. Receive the data planted inside a PDF of your original paper form

Company Online Chat

Built in chat to help your firm easily communicate with its potential clients online

Sending Clients Your Forms

Make sure clients fill in the form by sending them an SMS or email and monitoring their response

Adding Conditions to Fields

Show your clients only what they need to fill in, based on what they already entered:  Hide/Show fields to personalize the form


Create forms that align with your company / product style. & image. Our design tools are completely flexible, allowing you to create stunning  forms with  simple drag & drop motions

Field Types

Create any form you like for your organization using over 40 types of fields


Make sure the data your company receives is valid and reliable by using field validations

Why choose us?

Turning any company form to an online form

Converting the firm's PDF or any other form type in to a digital form

A simple interface for company users and clients

Improving company efficiency

Integrations with internal organization systems and 3rd party applications

Responsive design for desktop, tablet & mobile

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