SalesForce integration enabled with FormTitan online form builder

Salesforce has become an empire of online CRM, that is used globally by almost any company, whether big or small, experienced or a start up.
If you are using SalesForce for managing your leads, cases, tickets or other customer related data and if you are using online forms to collect data – you will need to integrate the two. With FormTitan SalesForce integration you can match the power of your CRM system with a powerful online form builder. You can easily build the frontend you need to match your salesforce data entry needs, such as:
– Generating new SalesForce leads and opportunities directly from your FormTitan form.
– Opening new tickets with all the information you need.
– Using our advanced logic and dynamic forms to make sure you capture just what you need for each case
– Creating any type of form and mapping it to your SalesForce
– Saving file uploads along other customer data and accessing it via SalesForce

An important aspect, when wanting to integrate with Salesforce, is the fact that FormTitan, unlike other products, provides a dual  form integration with Salesforce that allows you to:
A) Read data from Salesforce objects and populate it to your form fields.
B) Write data to your salesforce objects with data flows, dependencies & conditions.

Push to salesforce

How do I set up a Push integration to Salesforce?

No coding is required to set this integration.
1- Simply go into form settings in your form builder screen.
2- in your “Properties Panel” go to > “Form” > “Settings” > “Integrations”
3- Click to edit Push Notifications and select SalesForce in the push options window.
4- Next you’ll be asked to authenticate with salesforce. Choose an object, Select an action (Create / Update / Find), and
map the fields you capture in your form with your salesforce fields. That’s it you are done.
5- press “apply”.
Once configured, each new form submission will be automatically added to your SalesForce objects.
Make sure that you are using the developer, enterprise or unlimited license plans of salesforce which are required to enable this integration.

The Integrations feature is included in all of our paid plans.

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