Integration with the Salesforce User Package License Object

Using FormTitan Get integration you can populate into a dropdown any salesforce picklist and also picklists dependencies.
For example: Country picklist and the sub items of states per selected country.
To use the salesforce country and states picklist please use the following instructions below.

State and country picklists are available in the shipping, billing, mailing, and “other” address fields in the account, campaign members, contact, contract, lead, order, person accounts, quotes, and service contracts standard objects. The picklists are also available for managing users and companies in Setup. To use the picklists, first choose the country and then choose from the options that automatically populate the state or province picklist.

You can use the state and country picklists in most places that state and country fields are available in Salesforce, including:
– Record edit and detail pages
– List views, reports, and dashboards
– Filters, functions, rules, and assignments

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