Salesforce and forms for non profits

Non-profits are charitable organizations that aim to help society.
They rely on volunteers, donations and use their revenue to run the organization and not to make a profit. Many service providers wish to contribute to society and do so by providing discounts to the non profit organizations. Salesforce is one of those companies, and it offers not only huge discounts, but also 10 free licenses. and while Salesforce may provide the perfect CRM solution, there are also other services non profits should use and have them integrated with their Salesforce account. Services like form builders, that allow you to create online forms that integrate with salesforce.

What does Salesforce give non profit organizations?

Salesforce for non-profits extends its existing data model and enables a number of extensions that provide functionality to address specific not-for-profit needs.
You can install these extensions based on your needs:
1- Contacts & Organizations
2- Households
3- Affiliations
4- Relationships
5- Recurring Donations

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